Smart IPV6 Building

Information and Communication Technologies have changed our world and will continue to shape our future. The new Internet Protocol "IPv6" will enable billions of devices to have their own IP address, enabling them to be interconnected and to work together.

It is paving the way to the future Internet of things, in which sensors, actuators and devices will be directly connected to each others, with an almost unlimitted scalability.

Our building constitutes a perfect environment to test innovative solutions and to explore new frontiers, using the new Internet Protocol IPv6 as a common platform and an enabler to ease interactions with:

  • Information & services.
  • Other human beings.
  • Building environment.

The project gathers academic and industrial partners interested to work on R&D projects and/or to showcase innovative solutions related to IPv6 and the future Internet of things. 

A key objective is to provide subsystems interoperability and to reduce the building energy consumption by at least 25% through a smarter and more integrated building management.

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