Architectural concept

We envisage constructing an 11-storey building, plus a ground floor and a basement level. The building will be divided into three sections for three types of use:

Common areas:

The common areas are located in the lower floors of the building:

  • Basement level: car park, cellars and technical facilities.
  • Ground floor: lobbies, reception, cafeteria, kitchen and shopping arcades.
  • 1st floor: conference rooms and exhibition space.
Office space

The largest proportion of space will be occupied by offices, situated in an inverse L-shaped tower (left and centre in the layout below).

  • Ground floor: separate lobby, access to the cafeteria.
  • 1st floor: meeting facilities, exhibition space and some offices.
  • 2nd to 11th floor: offices.

The accommodation section will be located in a vertical tower (to the right in the layout below):

  • Ground floor: separate lobby, reception and administration facilities.
  • 1st to 10th floor: double-rooms plus some common rooms.
  • 11th floor: 5 studios (maximum 3 persons per studio).

building desc

The accommodation and office areas as well as the cafeteria and the car park will each have a separate access.

The cafeteria will also be accessible directly from the accommodation and office areas.