A 5 continents garden

The surrounding area will be partially dedicated to a public garden illustrating the diverse and multicultural nature of international cooperation. The projected garden will be organised in different areas representing the various continents and regions of the world, such as:

  • Japanese garden, with a pond and nympheas, a Zen garden and a tea wing.
  • Andean garden, with plants from the Altiplano (frost resistant).
  • North American garden, .
  • Himalayan garden, with rhododendrons and other Himalayan plants.
  • African garden, with plants coming from the Atlas and the Kilimanjaro area.
  • Alpine garden, .

carte 5 continent gardenWe intend to develop this project in partnership with the Geneva Botanical Garden, the Technical University for Applied Sciences and interested diplomatic missions. It will benefit from the support of students and volunteers. It will constitute a relaxing area for the local population, the delegates and the international community.