International Cooperation House

Geneva is the largest hub of international cooperation, with many international organizations' headquarters. Every year, almost 200.000 delegates and experts pass through to attend one of the 4'000 international conferences. Those coming from developing countries represent the vast majority of the international community. However, their limited resources hinder their participation in many important conferences.

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The foundation Mandat International plans to build an "International Cooperation House" in Geneva, in the middle of the international organizations area. It will support international cooperation through:

  • Budget accommodation and supportfor experts and delegates coming from developing countries with limited resources (100 double-rooms and 5 studios to accommodate up to 200 delegates at a time).
  • Office space for organisations working with the UN system (over 4.000 m2).
  • Meeting infrastructure: conference and meeting rooms, exhibition area, etc.
  • Public and cultural activities: with a cafeteria (~200 places), a terrace, a public park, cultural activities and exhibitions.

The central location and high visibility of this new building will be used to showcase and promote new technologies:

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  • Green technologies will be implemented throughout the building so as to reduce the energy consumption and to limit the building's overall impact on the environment.
  • A "Smart IPv6 Building" approach, using the new Internet protocol (IPv6) to turn the building into a smart environment,- enabling energy saving, easier access to information, improved security and new forms of interactions between the users and the built environment.

The project is supported by public and private sector partners, including academic and industrial partners, as well as the Swiss Government and Geneva authorities.

Mandat International ( is a strictly apolitical foundation based in Geneva, with special consultative role to the UN. Since 1995, it aims to:

  • Promote international cooperation and dialogue.
  • Welcome, inform and facilitate the participation of delegates attending international conferences.
  • .Accommodate and support delegates coming from developing countries.